terça-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2018

Migrating SQL Server Profiler templates

After some hours trying to migrate a SQL Server Profiler 2008R2 template to 2014 I came to a result: It can´t be done directly inside the Profiler (not in a intuitive way). When you choose the destination version the list of profiles change and you lose the one you want to migrate. It seems to be not possible to migrate, even though you can find some steps in our beloved StackOverflow to do it. And, on that same site exists a tip which tells us to just copy and paste the .tdf files from one folder version to another, and voilá, we gotcha!

Well, that is the simplest and the best tip I´ve used to migrate templates.

Copy files from one version to another, using the template folder on:

%AppData%\Microsoft\SQL Profiler\\Templates\Microsoft SQL Server\

Good job!