quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2014

SQL Backup types: Full and Differential, not Incremental

When using SQL Server backup remember it does not use the incremental mode, so, when recovering something like following picture (Full + many differentials), select the FULL plus the ONE differential you want, not more than one. It`s not going to cause an error, but its effect is the same of selecting the older one from your list. Generally, for the most up to date backup just select the full plus the most recent differential.

 If you select just the differential the message below (pt-br) will be presented

The incremental mode is not supported in 2008 R2 (at least), which is used to save every changes from the last incremental backup. Differential is always referencing the full backup, while incremental references the last incremental.
More about backup types is very easy to find in Internet. Good searchs.